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Lesson 1

​Double time solos, using sixteenth notes, on double bass.

Is not very usual to play double time solos on the double bass.

The term double time solo just means to use (mainly) sixteenth notes, instead eighth notes in our solo.

Some recomendations:

- Start with simply and short phrases. For example just only few  sixteenth notes.

- Try first with phases or licks that you already know very well in eighth notes.

- Use chromaticism to connect positions on the same string.

- Pay attention to the fact that the armonic rhythm is not changing. Each chord looks to have a "longer" duration.

- Be aware to play each scale or arpegio on the correct chord. Use mainly thirds or roots  as target notes.

- Don´t go ahead on the tempo. Try to stabilize it and be precise.

Here you have an example.

I recorded at home a solo -with a "Band in a Box" accompaniment- just trying to use a lot of sixteenth notes.
The chords belongs to the well-know jazz standard "Have you met Ms. Jones".
Maybe it's not a great solo... but it has a lot of sixteenth notes!
Try to pick-up some phrases from the transcription  for your own solo.

Have a good work!

"Have you met..." Sixteen notes solo. - Gonzalo Tejada
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